Located in the Eastern Alps of Central Europe, Austria is at the crossroads of culture from every direction. As the birthplace of downhill skiing and renowned composer Mozart, Austria has a rich history that has impacted the world. In Austria, you can find winter sports enthusiasts scaling the glacier-covered mountains, and intricate baroque-styled architecture in the ancient cities. The Austrian culture is rooted in tradition and respect, where you will be greeted with open arms, a fresh schnitzel, and dark beer.  


Map of Austria showing main features and attractions for culture and tourism

The Basics

Currency – Euro € | 1 EUR = $1.10 USD

Language – Austro-German

Outlets – Type C, compatible across Europe

Tipping – Tipping is common practice in Austria, 5%-15% of the bill

Water – Tap water is potable, some of the highest quality in Europe!

SafetyLevel 1

When To Go To Austria

September - October

The peak tourist season runs through the summer between May and September. During this time, you can expect to find larger crowds and higher prices as travelers soak up the summer heat. 

It’s best to avoid the large tourist crowds in the mid-summer heat and visit at the end of the peak season in September & October. You’ll get to witness the leaves change color in the thick forest while you sip a cold beer from a mountain peak. Autumn is the best time to swim in the crisp alpine lakes and marvel at the dramatic mountains around you.

If you’re up for an adventure, there is plenty of hiking and trekking in the Alps, where you could spend weeks summiting the massive mountains… or take a cable car up and skip straight to the views!

December - February

For the cold-weather adventurers, Austria is a winter wonderland for skiers, snowboarders, and anyone who loves seeing the steep mountains covered in snow. 

There aren’t many travelers this time of year, it’s cold. But, you can guarantee some of the best skiing you’ve ever experienced, it was invented here after all! Hiking remains a fun activity, although snowshoes are required. With some of the best skiing in the world, you also get the most lively aprés-ski scene, so get ready for jager bombs and a lot of German singing!

The other fun part about visiting in winter is the holiday season festivities. Vienna is known for hosting the best Christmas market, where you can drink rum punsch and listen to Mozart in the streets. If you’re in for a real adventure, come to Austria in early December to experience the wild celebration of Krampus!

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