Located in the Eastern Alps of Central Europe, Austria is at the crossroads of culture from every direction. As the birthplace of downhill skiing and renowned composer Mozart, Austria has a rich history that has impacted the world. In Austria, you can find winter sports enthusiasts scaling the glacier-covered mountains, and intricate baroque-styled architecture in the ancient cities. The Austrian culture is rooted in tradition and respect, where you will be greeted with open arms, a fresh schnitzel, and dark beer.  

Check out what is waiting for you in AUSTRIA

Map of Austria showing main features and attractions for culture and tourism

The Basics

Currency – Euro € | 1 EUR = $1.10 USD

Language – Austro-German

Outlets – Type C, compatible across Europe

Tipping – Tipping is common practice in Austria, 5%-15% of the bill

Water – Tap water is potable, some of the highest quality in Europe!

SafetyLevel 1

August – October

Austria is a small country in central Europe, with densely-wooded forests that boast incredible hiking and adventuring. For anyone camping or hiking, you can definitely explore the wilderness here on a budget.

The peak tourist season runs through the summer between May-September. During this time, you can expect to find larger crowds and higher prices as travelers soak up the summer heat. 

Austria does have cold and snowy winter months, making it the perfect destination for skiers, snowboarders, and paragliders. However, to get that perfect combination of everything, I believe the best time to visit is between August-October, as the leaves begin to change, crowds move out, and prices drop. 


Austria, once known as the Austrian Empire, has a rich history of imperialism, innovation, and staunch creativity. The country was led by the Habsburg Monarchy for almost 700 years, contributing to its Imperial past and European conquests. The opulence of Austria’s imperial past is still alive in its palaces and theaters. It’s the birthplace of some of the world’s greatest musical prodigies, including Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss. 

In Vienna, visit the Schönbrunn Palace and feel like you’ve stepped into a period piece. Also in Vienna, take a walk through the history of the Roman Empire’s fall, and the start of the Great World Wars – Austria was at the center of it all. You can find the remnants of its dramatic past dotted across the landscape, with castles and villas located in small towns in the countryside, or fortresses built atop rugged mountains. 

Join the locals in any of their traditions, where you can dance the Waltz to classical music, clink your beers while yelling ‘Prost!’, and learn their cultural history. Grab your tickets and head to Bad Ischl, the European Capital of Culture for 2024!


If there is anything that’s true about Austria, is that it is a perfect combination of class and action. While you do find many Austrians enjoying the Waltz during any celebration, dressed in their traditional lederhosen, you can also find them outdoors conquering the landscape. Austria is a center for extreme sports, where people push their limits and prove the capabilities of humans. The Austrian Alps are the birthplace of downhill skiing, and home to some of the top athletes in the world (makes sense why Redbull is headquartered here!)

This is the perfect place to get lost and explore. The Alps line the southern border of Austria and expand across central Europe. No matter what time of year you’re here, the landscape is your playground. In summer you can swim and canoe in the dozens of alpine lakes in the Salzkammergut Region, or hike all the way to Switzerland, going from hut to hut!

As the days get shorter, the landscape shifts. You can glide down the snow-packed slopes in some of the best back-country skiing in the world! And for those that aren’t regularly on the slopes, run to find the nearest toboggan run, so you can slide down in a Mario Cart-like sledding track. 

No matter the season, you’ll want to bring your hiking boots and a camera to get out and explore the serene and impressive landscape of Austria. Better yet, jump on a gondola and soar down with the birds, as you try out paragliding!