Spanning between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Indonesia is made of over 17,000 islands with various cultural traditions across the country. Although ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ is the official language, there are over 700 languages spoken across the country!

Indonesian people are friendly to everyone, always willing to share their full smiles and help one another. The local food is fresh (and spicy), with a lot of rice harvested from the paddies covering the land. This tropical country is full of life and history and safe for travelers from around the world!



Map of Indonesia showing main features and attractions for culture and tourism
Map of Bali showing main features and attractions for culture and tourism

The Basics

Currency – Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) | 15,000 Rp = $1 USD

Language – Indonesian, with local dialects on different islands (Bali = Balinese)

Outlets – Type C & F, compatible across Europe

Tipping – Tipping is not common, but a mandatory government tax of 10% is added to most bills

Water – Tap water is not potable. Drinking may lead to severe food poisoning!

SafetyLevel 2 – Terrorism & Natural Disasters

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