19 Eco-Friendly Activities in Bali

Spend your time and money where it matters most, and experience the best of Bali! Connect with the beautiful island with these eco-friendly activities in Bali.

Traveling opens the doors to new experiences, cultures and so much to learn! Nobody is saying that isn’t a super cool opportunity, but it can definitely be hard to choose what you want to do while exploring the world. Next time you’re in Bali, check out this list of the top eco-friendly activities in Bali.

Even if you’re a full-time traveler, our time is always limited and we will never be able to see it all. But how do you choose what you want to do with so many options? This list will help you organize your trip so you can spend your time and money where it matters most, so you can experience the best of Bali!


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What Is Eco-Tourism?

As people are getting more aware of their global impact, it is especially important to consider your choices while traveling. Eco-tourism is the conscious effort to prioritize the well-being of the local environment and economy. This includes decisions about activities, accommodations, transportation, and purchases made while traveling! By choosing options that focus on being in nature, and connected with the local culture, you will put your money and time where it is benefited most.

Half-Day Activities

Uluwatu Temple & Kecak Dance

Watch Balinese natives perform mesmerizing Kecak dances complete with swirling flames and traditional costumes, all while the Uluwatu sun sets in the background, with this entrance ticket. This show sells out fast, so don’t wait on this one!

1 Hour
Rp 150,000

Man performing the Kecak Dance in Bali's uluwatu Temple

Ubud Monkey Forest

Explore the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud on a guided walking tour. Meet some monkeys and observe and learn how the concept of “Tri Hita Karana” is practiced to preserve the park.

2 Hours
Rp 266,000

Balinese Cooking Class At An Organic Farm

Learn how to prepare authentic Balinese dishes at an organic farm in the tropics of Ubud. See the sights at the local market, then work with a chef to prepare a traditional or vegetarian lunch.

5 Hours
Rp 537,000

Additional Half-Day Activities

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Day Trips

Snorkel With Manta Rays

Swim with the majestic manta rays of Nusa Penida on an amazing snorkeling trip from Bali. Stop at the famous Manta Bay, discover Crystal Bay’s natural beauty, and go to Mangrove Point for the perfect snorkeling adventure in the Indian Ocean.

Nusa Penida
10 Hours
Rp 1,027,000

Downhill Bike Tour Through Rice Terraces

Get spectacular views of the mountains and forests of Bali with minimal effort on an exciting bike ride. Cycle from the slopes of the Kintamani volcano. Stop at the famous rice terraces.

6 Hours
Rp 613,560

Mount Agung Sunrise Trek

Join a challenging Mount Agung hiking experience to witness a spectacular sunrise over 10,000 feet above sea level. Admire views of Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island and the Caldera Batur crater from the highest point in Bali!

Mount Agung (East Bali)
12 Hours
Rp 1,050,000

Komodo Island Tour

Look for Komodo Dragons and other wildlife on a private 2-day tour of the Komodo islands. Go for a jungle trek in the habitat of the giant lizards, discover a beach of amazing pink sand, and spend the night on a boat.

Komodo Island (East of Bali)
2 Days
Rp 11,500,000

Gili Islands Tour

Enjoy the serenity of the bountiful Gili Islands, featuring gorgeous white sandy beaches, turquoise crystal clear blue waters, and more turtles than you can count! Escape the crowds that gather on Nusa Penida, and experience this tropical oasis.


Gili Islands (North – East of Bali)
3 Days
Rp 6,212,299

Ijen Crater & Mount Bromo Tour (Java)

Experience Bromo and Ijen on a 2-day tour from Probolinggo. Witness the sunrise from Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, hike to stunning viewpoints, and see the blue flames of Ijen’s sulfur mines.

East Java
2 Days
Rp 4,415,000

Additional Multi-Day Trips

Activities To Avoid

Unsurprisingly, not all activities are created equally. Some are even harmful due to the over-tourism that is experienced, exploitation of the local people and environment, and destructive nature. This is a brief list of things to try to avoid while in Bali to maintain an eco-tourist mindset.

Your choices as a traveler can greatly impact the local area by bringing money and attention to what matters most. Read more about how to be an Eco-Friendly Traveler in Bali. 

Mount Batur Trekking

One of the most beloved attractions in Bali is the Mount Batur sunrise trek. It is enjoyed by over 1,000 people per day! While this is an activity to get out in nature, this trail is extremely over-exploited. This is damaging to the soil, with many tourists using the mountain as a toilet and a garbage can (gross). Mount Batur is trekked by so many for its relative ease, but there are other options! If you’re not up for the hike of Mount Agung, check out Mount Abang located on Lake Batur as well!

ATV Tours

ATVs, 4-Wheelers, and Dirt Bikes are extremely damaging to the soil and trails on which they ride. Trails inevitably get wider from people avoiding holes and muddy puddles, wearing down the trail. While ATVs and other exploration vehicles are fun and easy to navigate through nature, they create one of the worst types of pollution; noise. 

Bali has a breathtaking landscape, with locals working in the rice fields, Hindu ceremonies, and wild animals. The last thing anyone wants is to hear the roar of a pack of engines plowing through nature. If this is something you’re interested in, be mindful of where you ride! Or, look into other adventure activities like rafting, horse back riding, and cycling.

Elephant Experiences

There are a handful of places in central Bali that have rescued Sumatran elephants – critically endangered due to poaching. You will see every single place in Bali with elephants preaching their ‘ethical practices’… and then show photos of tourists riding on one. This is a clear example of the brainwashing that happens too often to tourists, providing a damaging experience that you don’t know any better!

Riding on an elephant can cause permanent spinal damage, as they are not capable of bearing the weight of a human. Please do a lot of research into an experience, and never just take their word that this is the ‘most ethical practice’!

Many of the Waterfalls

Bali is known for its impressive waterfalls in the dense rainforest. While you see many of these on Instagram, you don’t see the corruption that operates them. Many of the most popular waterfalls are controlled by a local mafia, which isn’t afraid to rough up a few tourists if you’re not willing to pay whatever they demand. Typically, this fee is requested in the parking area, ranging anywhere from Rp 60,000 – 200,000. 

While I’m all for paying towards the upkeep and maintenance of an area, I’m not here to line people’s pockets. There are quite a few waterfalls that have a worthy system in place, but not all of them!

Summary - Eco-Friendly Activities in Bali

Bali is filled with activities and excursions for every traveler. Get lost (mentally, not physically) in the lush rainforest, vibrant culture, and hidden gems that cover this island paradise. Whether you only have a few days, or you’ll be in Bali for a few months, you will have the opportunity to create your perfect experience!

There are plenty of things to do in Bali in just a few hours, or a few days away. Start planning and get ready to immerse yourself in the exploration available to you in Bali!

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