Get the Gear

Living out of your backpack is a big adjustment to make, so set yourself up right with some of my favorite travel gear!

The best items are the ones you already have! This page is for people who need to fill some of the gaps in their kit, not for those who need a little retail therapy to get the latest and greatest.

Once you have the basic necessities in your pack, make sure you're ready with all of the other moving parts, and check out everything there is about travel planning!

Low Waste Swaps

Traveling long-term is a big adjustment, and suddenly you realize how much stuff you think you need to live comfortably! While exploring the world, avoid leaving your trash along the way, and learn how to get by with your resources!

Find deals and discounts on the things I couldn’t travel without, and find some new tricks to use less on the road. 

You can cut down on the things you need, the money spent, and the waste created with some of these low-waste swaps. Save your precious space for the memories you pick up along your travels, and travel lightly. 


Cameras & Equipment

You’re on the trip of a lifetime, and with so much change you don’t want to let yourself forget the best of it! The memories from your adventure can follow you home and live for years through photographs and recordings of your experience.

Whether you’re an active digital nomad who relies on your camera for income, or an excited adventurer just capturing the moment, getting the right camera for you is essential. 

Check out what we’ve learned about our electronics and gear so we can travel lightly while capturing high-quality moments. 


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Travel Must Haves

A nomadic lifestyle is spontaneous and constantly changing. However, even with all of the exciting new changes, there are a lot of things have to give up with a conventional home life! You no longer care about your favorite coffee mug or cozy sweaters – but there are some things that we couldn’t go without!

It’s important to stay connected to who you are on the journey, and bring little pieces of that with you as you go! While the feeling of ‘home’ changes the more you move around, feeling secure and at ease is an important consideration in packing. Check out the top things I wouldn’t want to give up in my nomadic lifestyle, that brings me a sense of home no matter where I am. 

If home is where your backpack is, what do you want to be packed in there?

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