Thailand is a laid-back country known for its pristine beaches, ornate Buddhist temples, and the bustling city of Bangkok. And let’s be honest, nothing compares to Thai food! The affordable lifestyle, relaxed culture, and ease of travel have made Thailand a top destination for travelers and tourists for decades, there is something for everyone!

Thailand is the 20th most populated country with 71 million residents. Many local people live in the urban sprawl of Bangkok, but equally as many choose to live peacefully in a more remote setting. You can find Thailand’s top destinations in smaller fishing towns, jungle villages, or remote islands!

Map of Thailand showing main features and attractions for culture and tourism

The Basics

Currency – Baht ฿ | $1 USD = ฿35 Baht

Language – Thai

Outlets – Type B, compatible with North America, Europe, & Asia

Tipping – Tipping culture is not common in Thailand, but it is appreciated!

Water – Not potable due to heavy metals

SafetyLevel 1

When To Go To Thailand

February - June

Let’s be honest, is there ever a bad time to go to Thailand?

Thailand’s location on the equator creates a comfortable tropical climate, spanning across jungles & mountains, to stretches of pristine coastline. Your experience in Thailand throughout the year will be different based on the weather, crowds, and costs.

Thailand experiences both summer & winter monsoons, creating 3 seasons; “Wet Season” (June-October),  “Cool Season” (November – February), and “Hot Season” (March-May). Temperatures range from 18° – 36°C but are getting more severe in northern regions near Chiang Mai and Bangkok due to climate change.

Thailand experiences a peak tourist season between December – February when the weather is ideal, and June – July during the summer holiday.  This means higher prices, more crowds, and a greater over-tourism impact. The best time to visit to avoid the craze and crowds is between February – June. This time of year is considered low season which means low prices, but still experiences amazing weather so you can get out and explore!

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