Essential Thailand Packing List – What To Bring To Thailand?

Thailand's landscape, people, and food put it at the top of almost everyone's bucket list. Make sure you're ready for it all with this Thailand packing list!

Known for its vibrant sunsets and called the “Land of Smiles”, Thailand is at the top of everyone’s travel list for very good reasons. If it’s almost your lucky time to explore this beautiful country, make sure you’re prepared with this Thailand packing list. 

Street markets, island getaways, coral reefs, elaborate temples, friendly people, and more are waiting for you in the Kingdom of Thailand (sounds fancy). So pack your bags…what are you waiting for?!

Items you bring to the beach scattered on a floral towel, including a dive mask, sandals, water bottle and speaker.

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Things To Know About Thailand

Seasons & Weather

Thailand is typically shown with white sand, clear water, and top-tier sunsets, but what about when it’s not all clear skies? Thailand’s monsoon season is a major consideration, as the region is affected by Asia’s summer and winter monsoons. 

The rainy season is from July-October (with some outlying storms because ~climate change~). The start of the wet season has intense storms which may last for just a few hours and continue to worsen in intensity as the months go on. 

The best times to visit are between March-June when the weather is hot but not raining yet!


Around 90% of Thai people are Buddhist and practice regularly. You will often see small offerings and sites of worship in homes or public spaces, as well as grandiose temples. If you plan to visit Buddhist temples, be aware of some social etiquette to practice in these sacred spaces. Even if you’re not exploring the spiritual side of Thailand, Buddhist principles are apparent in everyday life. While you’re free to do what you want, some repercussions may follow (either socially or legally). 


Thailand is relatively very cheap to travel to, but like anywhere, you can stretch or squeeze your budget as you need to. The islands are typically where luxury vacationers come to spend money, but there are plenty of breezy bungalows with a $1 coconut for you. In general, Thailand should be on every budget traveler’s destination list, as you can have a rather lavish lifestyle for a pretty conservative budget.

Essential Travel Items

  • Passport
  • Entry Documentation
  • Copy of Documents
  • International Driver's Permit
  • Travel Insurance

These are essential items to bring to every international destination! Make sure to check the embassy of your destination to see what entry requirements there are before you arrive!

Thailand has many public water refill stations as well as support from restaurants to refill. Save your money, reduce plastic,  and bring your bottle!

Health & Safety

The elements in Thailand are strong and can be a major factor depending on where you travel (coastal vs inland / North vs South). 

The biggest things to be aware of are mosquitos and the sun. The mosquitos here are no joke, so be sure to use a high-quality repellent and be aware of your surroundings!

Tip: Stop by a local pharmacy and ask about any outbreaks of Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Zika Virus – these illnesses will typically happen in blooms. As always, use insect repellent and avoid being near standing water.


Having quality bags on your travels can improve your experience a lot. The best setup is having 1 large backpack, and one small day bag you carry on your front (everyone does it, so who cares how silly it looks). 

To stay organized with all of the bags, I highly recommend getting packing cubes and other ways to stay organized! 


  • T-Shirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • Dresses / Skirts
  • Bathing Suits
  • Sarong
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Tennis Shoes / Hiking Shoes
  • Waterproof Sandals
  • Bulky Jacket
  • Heavy Boots

The style in Thailand is casual, creative, and anything to keep you cool.

In the coastal areas and islands, your bikinis become your favorite top and shoes are optional (often even prohibited inside buildings).

Even in the hottest of weather, a cool coastal breeze can come in, so it’s smart to bring a light jacket, a bonus if it’s also waterproof!  

The most essential item to a tropical destination is a sarong. Sarongs are everything you need; a makeshift skirt for a night out, a beach blanket while you soak up the sun, and a sheet to create privacy in your hostel bunk (don’t forget your string).

Bring 1 set of modest clothing to use in Buddhist Temples (cover collarbones, elbows, and knees).


Avoid over-packing your clothes, and do laundry while you travel. It is extremely rare to have access to a washing machine, but there are laundry services everywhere! Typically you can do 1 kg of laundry for 30 baht for a 24-hour service.

Thailand also has public-use laundry, which are pay-to-use machines for anywhere between 30-45 baht.  Note: you do need to bring your detergent so throw a few laundry pods in your bag! 


You know best which toiletries you need. It’s easy to overpack, but be realistic about what you will absolutely need!

If you have any specific needs for your hair or skin, be sure to bring extra! There aren’t a ton of product options in Bali.

I suggest bringing minimal makeup (you will be sweaty), and prioritizing natural products when you can!

You’ll likely be sweating bullets from the inland humidity, or constantly in the ocean breeze.. so don’t worry too much about your hair and makeup. 

Enjoy the scenery, be natural, and drink more coconuts.

First Aid Kit

  • Bandaids
  • Antibacterial
  • Medical Tape
  • Small Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Antibiotics
  • Paracetimol

Traveling smart means being prepared for whatever could happen! A basic first aid kit is necessary and can save you when you need it most!

Keep your first aid kit small and accessible in your daily backpack so you can use it when you need it. Be aware of whats around you, and get familiar with the local flora and fauna that you may come into contact with!


Thailand’s outlets are a hybrid – compatible with plugs from both the US/Japan (2 parallel prongs +/- grounding) and Asia/Europe (2 round prongs). When in doubt, bring a universal adapter to be sure you’re good everywhere!

Be sure everything you use is working well – unless you’re in a bigger city, a quality electronics store may be tough to come by (especially on the islands). 

Prepare to capture Thailand’s beauty with a camera to take home a few personal memories!


Some of these are self-explanatory, and up to each traveler to decide what would be beneficial vs a waste of space.

Street food in Thailand is the best I’ve had, so I never leave home without my reusable cutlery and to-go containers, ready to eat without the waste!

A string & carabiners are so helpful to set up your space and stay organized. Whether you need a makeshift curtain at a hostel or a way to hang your bags, we always use these!

Avoid carrying a bulky beach towel, and get yourself a microfiber towel instead. These are perfect for every traveler, especially in Thailand. 

A word of advice: If you don’t use it at home, you won’t use it on vacation! Over-packing can put a big strain on your travel, and change how you travel.


Summary - Essential Thailand PAcking List

Most travelers will make their way to Thailand eventually – to soak up the sun, experience the food (wow is it so good), and kick back in this relaxing way of life. Be ready for your next adventure in the country of Thailand with this list of helpful considerations! 

As with any trip, the most important thing to bring is a sense of adventure and an open-mind! But make sure to add bug spray and sunscreen to that list too when going to Thailand.

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