Sustainable Travel

Dreaming about exploring the world, but concerned about the negative impacts associated with a nomadic lifestyle?

You’re not alone!

We often hear about how detrimental flights are, or how travel and tourism destroy a local culture. And while this can be true, there are ways and considerations to avoid being a part of the problem. 

But when you love the Earth so much that you’re even considering your impact, it’s hard to justify why you can’t see it for yourself.

I’m here to teach you the best ways you can explore the world, without hurting it along the way! I will help you break down the barriers around sustainable travel, so you can take off on your slow travel adventure. Keep exploring No Trace Travel to find my tips, tricks, and solutions to having a nomadic life that doesn’t leave a harmful path behind you.

Here, you will learn ….

What is sustainable travel?

Is Eco-Tourism a scam?

How can I start Slow Travel?

How can I know the environmental impact of my travel?

Footprints in the sand from a woman walking away with waves rolling in


Adventure Awaits! Where to first?

Find sustainable travel guides for each destination, so you get the most direct insight on how to low-impact travel.