Get Involved

No matter if you call it eco-tourism, sustainable travel, ethical volunteering, or something in between, here, you will learn how to engage locally & impact globally by getting involved and giving back!

Ethical Volunteering

Your vacation doesn’t have to be about disconnecting from the world; it can be about reconnecting with a different one. Whether you’re traveling for a few days or exploring indefinitely, there are ways to get involved wherever you are!

However, the reality is that showing up in a community that holds drastically different cultural beliefs and stressors is not easy to do – in fact, often it can be harmful! 

The willful spending by foreign travelers in donations and experiences has brought big money into international volunteering, and money-hungry investments with it! Too often, volunteer organizations claim to do good, offering enriching experiences to empathetic and actionable travelers. However, as money is invested into a project, there is a desired return… so is the goal of the organization to really ‘fix’ the problem? Or to prolong it long enough to sustain the revenue? 

Ethical Volunteer experiences incorporate the following principles in every practice!

Locals First

The voices and involvement of locals should be consistent and prioritized. Locals should feel respected, empowered, and resilient.

Outcome over Experience

The organization should seek to improve the outcome of the efforts, not enhance the experience for travelers.


Volunteer programs should be up-front and transparent about their values, intentions, and actions.


A volunteer experience seeking to solve a problem should be educating people on the source of the problem, and how they can help mitigate it after their service!

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