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Learn more about our impact on the natural world and what is needed to change the course of our future with this curated list of books! No matter where you are in the world or where you plan to go, continue learning and being aware of the latest in our knowledge and fight against climate change.

  • Visit your local library to see what you can check out for free
  • Do a book swap with friends and family
  • Get an e-reader or tablet to access digital books forever (great for travelers!)
  • Podcasts

    Listen to academics and creators discuss our climate crisis, current situations, and perspectives around the world. Stay in the loop with up-to-date news in energy, politics, science, and investments with the best climate-focused podcasts out there!

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    Climate One

    Co-hosted by Greg Dalton and Ariana Brocious, sit in on empowering conversations with industry experts that connect all aspects of the climate emergency - the scary and the exciting, the individual and the systemic. Climate One dives deep into topics with long conversations, great for listeners with a bit of background on the climate conversation.

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    The Climate Question

    Hosted by BBC World Service, The Climate Question reflects a variety of takes on climate change with perspectives from around the world. This show tackles a variety of topics about how. to respond to the climate crisis. The content is accessible to all levels to include everyone in the question of why we find it so hard to address and mitigate climate change.

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    Zero: The Climate Race Logo

    Zero: The Climate Race

    Hosted by Bloomberg's award-winning reporter, Akshat Rathi, Zero's digestible content discusses the tactics and technologies taking us to a world of zero emissions. Covering topics on the political scene of energy innovation, investments and companies on the frontlines, and our necessary energy transitions from conversations with industry experts. Great for anyone looking to learn more about the climate agenda.

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    Hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Amy Westervelt, Drilled investigates the various obstacles that have kept the world from adequately responding to climate change. This digs up the dirt in a classic true-crime fashion on the hidden agendas, misinformation, and corporate denial. This is a great listen for everyone and will help shed some truth on the lies that we're told and the players behind them.

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    Eco Chic

    An empowering and approachable podcast hosted by climate professional, Laura Diez. This pod is fun and unfiltered, covering a broad range of topics from food, fashion, environmental justice, and consumerism, with a focus on personal impact and decision-making. The episodes are short and great for people joining the climate conversation. Eco Chic feels like having a chill and intelligent conversation with your bff!

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