The world is such a beautiful place with so much to experience! There are 195 countries, over 900,000 islands, and many landmarks that make each location unique. Whether you’re an outdoor lover, fascinated by the world’s diverse cultures, or trying to see it all, this is the place for you.

If you’re trying to get around the world in 180 days, this may not be the most helpful. No Trace Travel proudly promotes Slow Travel, the idea that you won’t see everything, but you will see things fully. I believe when you race around the world trying to tick off your bucket list, you lose touch with the moment and miss out on the authentic experiences that are waiting for you in between. 


If you value environmental stewardship, a low-impact lifestyle, and making genuine connections – then I invite you to explore this beautiful rock with me. Here, you will find itineraries for specific destinations, tips to plan for a successful journey, and guides to get the most out of your destinations, without taking more than you need.



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