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Hey, I'm Taylor

I am a bubbly and passionate 20-something-year-old, always up for the challenge of learning anything new! 

Most of my life was spent in a small town in upstate New York, surrounded by corn fields and rolling hills in the Finger Lakes Region. But that never stopped my exploration of the world, which has brought me to dozens of new countries, and the creation of No Trace Travel.

After leaving my corporate job, I realized that a life built around slow travel and sustainability is not only possible but also accessible to everyone! It isn’t easy, and knowing where to begin is sometimes uncertain.

That’s why I’m here with No Trace Travel. My core mission is to share what I’ve learned along the way to help anyone meet their travel dreams, without the negative environmental impact that often comes from a nomadic life. You will find guides, tips, and resources that I’ve picked up along the way! Everything here is centered around the idea of slow travel and reducing your personal impact on the world.

Join me and this enriching community as we travel the world, and protect it at the same time by promoting sustainable action and traveling slowly.

Taylor, the creator of No Trace Travel in her favorite travel destinations, shown on the About page.

About ME

I’m from upstate NY, where I learned to love the seasons and hike in the Adirondack mountains.

I am continuing to explore a deep appreciation for yoga and mindful movement, pushing the limits of what my body can accomplish.

I love being in and near the water, ideally, 60 feet under with scuba and freediving to experience the world that thrives below the waves.

My love for travel comes from my fascination with different cultures, landscapes, and ways of living on this Earth that we all share.

To my core, I am an environmentalist and a conservationist, and I’m always trying to learn and educate others on how we can play our parts better for the short precious time we spend on this planet. 

Where it Started

I’ve been a tree hugger and nature lover since the beginning. My love for animals developed into a deep passion for environmental science, which lead me to a university program that specialized in sustainability.

I studied Sustainable Energy technologies and how to implement them on a greater scale, with the hope of leaving this world better than when I joined it. My love for learning led me into a Master’s Program where I received a Master’s in Business and International Sustainability. 

Initially, my goal was to expand my work to the global scene, working with major corporations to improve their global impact. After working in the corporate world promoting environmental conservation, I felt burnt out and like I wasn’t living for myself anymore. I felt this need to explore, and that’s where my travels began. 

I have always had a deep connection to the Earth, however like most eco-minded travelers, the realization of the negative impacts from short-term travel was a mental barrier to navigate. I have learned new ways to diminish and offset my impact through the choices I make, and want to help you do the same!

I dove into long-term travel with my boyfriend Matt in late 2022. It’s been a wild and enlightening ride so far, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us ahead!


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