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Hey, I'm Taylor!

My story begins nestled among the lakes and rolling hills of upstate New York. The Adirondacks were my playground and where I fostered a deep love for the natural world.

As my exploration has continued far and wide into new continents, cultures, and landscapes, my commitment and personal passion for environmental sustainability have been consistent.

It was an easy decision to commit 6 years of education toward understanding our role in the natural world. I studied Renewable Energy Management, followed by a Master’s degree in International Sustainability.  Although my goal was to work within the corporate world changing things from within, I soon felt disconnected from the world I sought to protect.

I left the 8-5 life to explore this beautiful planet and the unique ways that people everywhere live in harmony with it.

Once I started my slow travel journey, I realized that travel wasn’t just about escape, it could be a way of living in harmony with the planet. I hope to share as much knowledge, inspiration, and guidance to take on your travel dreams, wherever they may lead you.

My mission is simple yet powerful: prove that mindful exploration is within everyone’s reach, and share the tools that empower you to make it happen.

Taylor, the creator of No Trace Travel in her favorite travel destinations, shown on the About page.

Fun Facts About Me

➺ I love hiking in the mountains and take any chance I’m home to complete the Adirondack 49ers (yes, there are mountains in NY!)

➺ I have a consistent and dedicated yoga practice, where I am constantly pushing my limits on and off the mat

➺ I love being in the water, ideally, 60 feet under with scuba or freediving to experience the world that thrives below the waves

➺ I can’t help but pick up trash everywhere I go, which is why I have so many pairs of cargo pants for extra pockets

➺ I live on coffee, real basic I know

➺ I can’t stop crafting, which is why I travel with a wood carver, watercolors, scrapbook, calligraphy set, and jewelry-making tools

➺ I was a vegetarian for over 12 years, but I try to dive into the local food as much as I can, it’s been a journey

➺ I love learning new things and am always enrolled in a course or masterclass. Currently, it’s in greenhouse accounting and wilderness survival

Join the Journey!

2 images in a polaroid frame from the Oregon Coast of a beach, and a girl in a sunhat sitting on a rock