About This Blog


1. To create meaningful suggestions to help others pursue travel that is affordable and inclusive
2. To encourage environmental stewardship while experiencing adventures around the world
3. To shift the narrative that traveling is a luxury that is not accessible for everyone
4. To inspire wanderlusts everywhere to chase their dreams of travel
5. To promote sustainable thinking with consideration to the global impact
6. To provide meaningful information to allow anyone to plan their sustainable lifestyle

Web Hosting Platform

While creating this resource, I felt it was important to align every aspect possible with the core mission of No Trace Travel, and my life personally; Sustainability.  That’s why I chose to Host this website with GreenGeeks, which offsets their carbon consumption 3x over through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  The Internet is the fastest growing polluting industry, and I didn’t want my efforts to contribute to that.  Today, data centers account for 2% of the global pollution, and while that may not seem like a lot, it is roughly the same as the airline industry.  Not only does GreenGeeks offset their energy consumption by 300% through renewable energy credit purchases, but it also plants 1 tree for every platform that is hosted on the server. 

GreenGeeks is a company that is helping to revolutionize the climate crisis we are facing, and I am proud to support their mission. I’m grateful I get to share their benefits with others in an effort to encourage a sustainability mindset for every individual and industry. Check out how GreenGeeks is prioritizing climate focused decisions: Here.

Affiliate Marketing

Throughout this website, you may see links to specific brands or items that I personally recommend.  While some of these are from smaller businesses and may generate no income for me, there are some links to Amazon.  While Amazon is often considered a corporate giant that is a major contributor to the global waste problem and human rights concerns, the 2 years I spent working with the company has shown me (a major corporate skeptic) that it is actually very climate focused and will hold itself accountable to the commitments it has made.  To further encourage climate consideration, all of the Amazon items that are linked on this website are either ‘Climate Pledge Friendly’ or supporting a small business that uses Amazon to reach global customers.

If you’re still unsure about Amazon’s commitment, check out more about their Climate Pledge: Here.