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Hey, I'm Taylor

I have a passion for environmental sustainability and am always on the move. 

I committed my future to our natural world and went to a top-performing environmental science college to learn from the best about our climate crisis, with a mission to help society make better decisions with nature and all people in mind.

After receiving a few degrees in the field, I worked in the corporate world representing the needs of the natural world. My career started at Amazon, but I quickly felt disconnected from the world I wanted to protect.

I quit my 8-5 and have been slowly traveling around the world with my partner, soaking up the present moment, exploring local cultures, and learning the best ways to give back along the way.

After two years of nomadic travels, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and the world we live in. I can’t wait for the opportunity to share it all with you!

Travel can be a force for good.

Sustainable Travel

Learn how to reduce your footprint, support local communities, and explore consciously.

From planning your trip and packing light to finding eco-friendly adventures, my posts offer the tools and inspiration for truly sustainable travel.

Adventure Awaits, Are You REady?

Become a Sustainable Traveler

Learn how to explore the world with a lighter footprint and support destinations committed to responsible tourism.

Travel Effortlessly & Affordably

Discover incredible places and experiences that won't break the bank, proving that ethical travel can be budget-friendly.

Explore Off-Grid Adventures

Explore lesser-known destinations, and unique local experiences, and explore more of the great outdoors.

Connect with the World, Connect with Yourself

Unwind from the everyday, explore breathtaking landscapes, and reconnect with nature and your own sense of adventure.

Join the Journey!

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