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Welcome to No Trace Travel!

Here, you’ll find resources and ideas to help you understand the climate crisis that is affecting people globally, and learn to navigate the world with ease and minimal impact.

My Story

I’m Taylor – a world explorer & passionate about environmental sustainability and connecting with the places we explore.

I’ve always felt called to nature, drawn to learn how our Earth systems work and how humans exist within them (and bend them to exist with humans).

I went to a top-performing environmental science school to learn from the best about our climate crisis, with a mission to help society make better decisions with nature and all people in mind.

After receiving a BS in Renewable Energy, and an MBA in International Sustainability, I worked in the corporate world representing the needs of the natural world.

My passion was drowned by burnout. I left that life and have been slowly traveling around the world with my partner, Matt, soaking in the present, exploring local cultures, and giving back along the way.

After one year of nomadic travels, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and the world we live in. I can’t wait for the opportunity to share it all with you!

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